- Making folks wiggle since 2014 - 


The Musicians

David Nicholson

Jon Toohey

Jake Richardson

Jared Magyar

Kevin Hines

The Band

Crooked.... That’s the glance we get when the audience hears some familiar song being played for the first time by a bluegrass ensemble.

This group of merry pranksters is a pool of amazing talent from locally known bands such as J.P. & the Chatfield Boys, Syrup and Lunar Circus who have bonded together to create a no stress, toe tapping, hula hooping good time.

Drawing on the individual strengths of each member ranging from Country, Bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter, Jurassic Rock and Metal, the combined effect is angelic harmonies, driving bass lines, and kickin’ instrumental breaks to keep you wanting more.

One things for sure. This ain’t your grandma’s bluegrass!!